Monday, October 26, 2009

Not Milk Oolong

Ok, so I'd said that my next entry would be about this tea called Quangzhou Milk Oolong, but I lied. I had every intention on doing it, but as it turns out I still have quite a bit of research to do on this somewhat mysterious tea. The fun part of the research is that I actually emailed my "tea gurus", Mary Lou & Robert J. Heiss, who wrote The Story of Tea, A Cultural History and Drinking Guide. If one of them or their staff replies to me, I'll most likely post the response. I was actually a little nervous sending the email to them, but they seem like very down-to-earth, friendly people. Even if they don't answer, I'll still write about it. So stay tuned!

This morning I enjoyed a large cup of KTE Organic, which I also got from my dad - he brought it back from Nepal (did I mention how lucky I was?) Oh, it's so smooth! Dad gave me the teabags in Ziploc bags, so I didn't have any info from the box, but I decided to Google the information that was on the tag, "KTE Kanchanjangha Organic Tea", and was happily surprised to find a great website about their estate. It's so much fun to find this kind of information, especially knowing that Nepalese tea is not very common in Canada (yet), so it is a treat to dream about a district in eastern Nepal bordering the tea area of Darjeeling.

Have a look at this amazing place:

This afternoon I had another homemade masala chai - with the added benefit of beautiful spices from The Spice Emporium in Hamilton. Fresh cardamom, whole cloves and peppercorns brewed with a cinnamon stick and Assam Rainforest tea? I could have cried! I feel like selling this stuff on the street - hmmm. Perhaps I will become a chai wallah after all...I wonder what the licensing would entail?

I'm topping off the evening with a blend called Bangkok White Rose. It contains Pai Mu Dan white, Chinese Sencha, peppermint, elderflowers, red and black peppercorn, and rose blossom. It's a great way to end the day, calming to the mind and tummy. I got it from a store called Shanghai T Merchant (hailing from Nanaimo, BC), located in Jackson Square (of all places), Hamilton. They offer beautiful tins to keep your tea, and I'm thinking of collecting them.

An attempt at being artistic with the tea tins
from Shanghai T Merchant

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